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Modern consumers in dozens of countries across the globe have come to expect enormous amounts of information from businesses of all kinds, ranging from athletic shoe manufacturers and fast food vendors to real estate agents and mobile application developers, not to mention the myriad of companies which fall somewhere in-between. SMS messages, email, Twitter and Facebook updates are all streams of information that tech savvy consumers tap into for help making decisions about how and what to spend their limited disposable income.

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Using social media sites to communicate to customers is not an entirely brand new idea. But now that some companies have amassed large groups of friends and/or followers, they need to decide what to do with them. The more appropriate question to ask might be; what should companies do "for" their fans? Sending coupons or incorporating real world rewards with online activity are some avenues companies have used to translate their online presence into increased sales.

Applications for smartphones and tablets are another way businesses have been establishing brand awareness and loyalty. Sometimes the apps are simple ways to communicate sales or new services, while more advanced solutions take aim at users who need to be connected to server-side processes. Either way the power of the "marketing through apps" strategy lies in the ability to connect a given application, regardless of it level of sophistication, to a long-term marketing strategy.

As an alternative to the mobile application marketing strategy, some businesses develop a mobile web presence by leveraging HTML5 to develop robust mobile web sites for their consumers. Many companies have found success by first establishing an online presence before investing in native mobile applications.

Mobile coupons have been powerful marketing tools for many companies. Sending printable coupons can translate directly into store traffic or unique online visitors which in-turn translates into increased sales. Mobile coupons mean a return on investment companies can rely on in ways apps and even the most interactive website cannot guarantee. With coupons it's also much easier for companies to monitor how well their investments are paying off and how to get better return next time. Their traceability is one of the many reasons that they've been a successful marketing ploy as mobile continues to expand.

As the size of the landscape of mobile marketing expands, more tools and strategies for getting your message out to customers will continue to emerge. By taking calculated advantage of some or all of the tools at your disposal, your brand can increase awareness, build a customer base and grow sales in an environment where companies of all shapes and sizes need every advantage available.

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